25th Anniversary Cake
Rs. 2,100

Let's mark this milestone and celebrate it. 25th Anniversary Cake should be special and we at Pastry..

Baby Rusk - 400gms
Rs. 80


Baby Shower Cake
Rs. 1,400

Baby shower cakes are one of the cutest cakes to celebrate the beautiful time in every mother's life..

Beautiful Flower Bouquet
Rs. 450

Gift this beautiful bouquet to the ones you love...

Black Forest Pudding
Blackforest Cake
Rs. 430

Pastry Palace brings this delicious black forest cake. Enriched with whipped cream in layers of choc..

Blackforest Pastry
Rs. 55


Blueberry Pastry
Rs. 70


Blueberry Pudding
Bottle Cake
Rs. 1,200

You can call us and tell us whatever brand you want!!!..

Butterscotch Cake
Rs. 430

A birthday, or anniversary or any other occasion gets complete only when a cake is cut and served. P..

Celebration Cake
Rs. 1,500

Make your little angel’s birthday memorable by adding stars to your celebration. Get 1 kg of star ad..

Chocolate Cake With Pink Roses
Rs. 1,300

Pastry Palace delivers the freshly baked Eggless Chocolate Cake With Pink Roses at your doorstep eve..

Chocolate Cake With White Roses
Rs. 1,300

Just take a single bite of this delicious Chocolate Cake With White Roses from the Pastry Palace and..

Chocolate Chips
Rs. 75


Chocolate Eclair Pastry
Chocolate Flakes
Rs. 70


Chocolate Fudge
Rs. 80


Chocolate Mousse
Rs. 70


Chocolate Truffle Pastry
Rs. 80

Who can ever get enough of chocolate? If you like chocolate your answer will be NEVER !This is choco..

Chocolate Walnut
Rs. 70


Cream Roll
Rs. 35


Desirable Rose Cake
Rs. 1,000

Red roses and an elegant cake make the essence of any romantic day including the most romantic day o..

Father's Day Cake 1
Rs. 549

Gift this special cake to your father! :)..

Fondant Hukkah Cake
Rs. 3,700

When it comes to Personalised Cakes, Pastry Palace knows no boundaries. We make cake with the themes..

Fresh Fruit Cake With Almonds
Rs. 530

The perfect yummy and creamy cake for family occasions with fresh fruit on top and inside the cake. ..

Fresh Fruit Pastry
Fruit Champagne
Rs. 375


Fruit Pudding
Rs. 70


Hello Kitty Dark Truffle Cake
Rs. 3,400

Treat you darling daughter with fresh and creamy Hello Kitty Dark Truffle Cake. This cake is as yumm..

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